Monday, August 9, 2010

A very dull day. No Slendy sightings, per usual. I have yet to see the guy once, despite my best efforts. Some people, who are plagued by him, probably want to switch places with me right about now. And you know, I’m all for that. If only.

I’ve changed my mind about what I said in my first post… what I said about not wanting to help people.

I do want to help.


I realized, at some point between lining the windows with clipped Bay Laurel leaves and reading some of my favorite blogs… that no one should have to feel as frightened as I did, lying there immobile. It must be what being stalked by Slendy feels like all the time. I can’t help with most deathly fears in the world – I’m not psychiatrist, and I’m not going to discover a cure for any horrible disease soon – but I can help with this.

I think I owe that small thing to the world.

Just don’t expect much else from me.

I’m going to give Cale a call, see if he can give me a lift up to the cave I found the other day. It’s the best lead I’ve got so far.

Time to pack. I’ll grab a flashlight, a few extra batteries, and twenty dollars… just in case.

Okay, that’s the last time. I promise.

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