Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Haven't been able to type the past few days

Sorry for the long gap between posts. I think I damaged something in my arm.

I’m not the strongest girl, honestly. Swinging a hammer at a piece of rock ABOVE YOUR HEAD isn’t good no matter how strong you are, and when said rock is very adamant about not moving, it’s even worse. I’m typing with only my left hand.

Jessa didn’t help at all. Just bitched about how hot it was in the car.

Eventually, Cale and I chipped off a rather large section, and we were able to look inside. Past the small opening, there seems to be a tunnel. It twists off after about ten feet, so we couldn’t see anything beyond that.

I know for a fact that I can fit in that tunnel. A grown man might have a bit of difficulty squeezing 
in, but if I go on my stomach and basically army crawl through, I can avoid getting stuck.

We’ll have to widen out the opening a little bit more (not looking forward to that), and I’m seriously hoping no latent claustrophobia kicks in. I feel like this is the closest I’ve gotten to actually accomplishing anything on my Slendy hunt.

Now I’m going to go take some Aspirin and soak my arm in a tub of hot water.

Just one last parting note before I forget. Remember my fear that there we bugs in the cave? Not a one, even in the passage we found. And we usually have big fucking spiders around here. 
Nothing there, though. That’s a relief.


  1. Sometimes, when I know guests are coming over, I clean house.

    Maybe someone did the same for you.

  2. That... is an unsettling thought.

  3. Unsettling is not the word I'd use. I'd be grateful.