Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still nothing.

Went looking for Slendy and didn’t see a damn thing. I reviewed the tapes, and no Slendy, not even a little distortion, nothing. Guess I wasn’t wifin’ in da club…

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. But seriously, shit.

I did find a cave, though. I know there are quite a few abandoned mine shafts around town, but I’ve never explored any of them, mainly due to a lot of horror stories from my grandpa about how likely to collapse they are. An actual cave, though, might be worth examining. It’s down a steep incline which a stream seems to have carved out. I’m about 5’4”, and I still had to stoop slightly to get inside, with the water a little higher than my ankles. It felt like there were insects or something just out of sight. I didn’t have a flashlight, so I had to call it a day on spelunking only about five feet in. I’ll be sure to go back and check it out next time I’m in the area.

But no Slendy, and I doubt he was chillin’ in the cave. Doesn’t seem like his kind of place. I thought for sure I’d see him in the woods, but I guess not.

Well. I’ll be patient. Maybe he’s just shy.

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