Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not-So-Triumphant Return

Back early from vacation. Nothing of interest to report. The TV in the room glitched hugely once, which set me on edge, but nothing else like that happened. I’m dismissing it.

Going into the woods tomorrow. Can’t find the charger for my camera, and I don’t have a FireWire port in any case. Still, it’d be nice to review the tapes for personal reference. Will have to look more thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Eva – who, predictably, has reacted negatively to this entire project – emailed me a creepypasta about “The Smiling Man” to alleviate my fears, apparently by showing that the concept of Slendy was ripped off from somewhere else.

That was from… quite a while after the original Something Awful post. Might’ve been inspired by Slendy, even. Either way, the similarities are a little creepy.

Eva is actually being really bitchy about the whole thing. She's been asking me to stop looking into it. Not in a "there are things man was not meant to know" way, but more of a "stop having fun!" way. One of my best friends in the world... and sometimes I really hate her from the bottom of her hooves to the top of her pitchfork.

Also occurred to me that there should be a book on Slender Man in the style of House of Leaves and World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. A lot of blogs follow this idea already, but I want an actual, published book. It’d be amazing.

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